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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings are now regarded as essential to nearly all new buildings. The various systems and styles will provide the properties required for unusual environments; including swimming pools, kitchens, toilet areas and clean
The many designs offer the specifier the chance to create a unique reception or give a lift to mundane general office areas. Most systems allow access between the ceiling and the soffit should sprinklers or lighting be required after installation.
In todays ever changing climate, this factor has never been more important.
Suspended Ceilings can be adapted to provide a fire rating of up to one hour. For our full range of suspended ceilings please contact us for details.

Composite Partitioning

Composite partitioning is a simple demountable system which can be easily adapted to suit your individual requirement. In its simplest form, it can provide extremely low cost offices available almost instantly but with the right panel configuration and by powder coating the visible aluminium sections, Composite can please the eye for the most discerning specifier.

  • 25mm Blinds can be fitted within double glazed modules
  • Certain colours available ex-stock
  • A wider range of modern doors, e.g light oak, stained ash are stocked
  • The void at skirting level allows cables to be concealed within the system

    The huge options provided by Muraspec Wallcoverings combined with the above factors ensures that an individual scheme can be easily created.

    Soundseal System

    Our Soundseal System is based on a demountable metal stud-plasterboard system. This can be adapted to satisfy fire ratings of up to two hours and its excellent sound rating can be increased to create the most private atmosphere. As with Composite, Soundseal can incorporate blinds, coloured aluminium etc. with the added option of using sealed double glazed units when considering glazed modules.
    Careful selection from the Muraspec Wallcoverings range will enhance any scheme to provide an executive appearance combined with high perfomance .

    Mezzanine Floors

    If your company or department is expanding, sooner or later you will need to make a decision to increase your space.
    The options are usually either moving to a larger building or extending your existing one. If your room is over 5m in height, you do have another option - Install a mezzanine floor. Unlike the previous options you will not be faced with the high building costs of an extension, disruption of the day-to-day running that would occur should you opt to move premises and the inevitable increase in rent and rates.
    Mezzanine floors can be installed with the minimum of disruption and will provide extra space, production areas or offices at a fraction of the cost of any other alternative.

    Single Skin Steel

    Single Skin Steel is the demountable industrial grade partition which is easily affordable. This is an excellent product for forming barriers, low cost offices, storage or rest areas in the warehouse or production area.
    Panels can be solid, half glazed, half mesh and full mesh to suit individual requirements. Single, double and sliding doors may be incorporated into the system. Each module can be removed individually or exchanged should it be necessary to move a door module.
    Our single skin steel is manufactured from high grade steel BS 1449 part I: 1972 Grade CR4 or equivalent. There are now ten colours available, although Sandstone and Grey are usually in stock should replacement or extra modules be required.

    Double Skin Steel

    A deluxe version of single skin steel and therefore suitable for offices on the factory floor where sound and warmth are a consideration. It has flush surfaces making it suitable for clean areas often required in the Food and Chemical Industries. Other uses and characteristics are as stated for single skin steel. It can be double glazed and altered to give a 1/2 hour fire rating. More detailed literature is available on request.

    We also undertake the following:

    • Frameless Glass Systems
    • Washrooms
    • Storage Walls
    • Fire Protection
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